Doctrine Matters!

[This sermon from Jude’s letter was preached at Christ Church, Paarl on 5 July 2015.]  There is a sense of urgency in this letter of Jude. It is evident from his language that there is a real threat to the Church and the believers. He describes this threat as certain people, emerging from within the […]

angus buchan

Angus Buchan should explain

In a recent series of events, Angus Buchan was pressured to repent of his remarks and cancel a prayer meeting. This would be a prayer meeting for the Afrikaner nation which was planned for 1 February 2020. The whole debacle centered around his statement that the Jews and Afrikaans people are the only two nations that are in a covenant with God. After pressure he now retracted that statement and asked those wronged by it for forgiveness.