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Imagine for one second one of the Old Testament prophets proclaiming God’s Word to the people, just to readjust those claims later on. That would not only make him out as a liar, but would dishonor the name of the God who’s word he so easily altered. Consider Isaiah’s prophecy of the suffering Servant (Is 53). The promise of hope, forgiveness, restoration and new life. Think for a moment the implications it would have had if Isaiah readjusted that prophecy a year or so later to make that dependent on some action by the people! Or maybe the prophecy of Nathan to King David that there will be an heir on his throne – forever (2 Samuel 7)! What would King David do if Nathan came to him a few months later and tell him that God is not happy with the nation of Israel and they will need to repent before that prophecy would come about!

We can think of many such Old Testament prophecies and the implications it would have if the prophets would later readjust their proclamations. This is exactly what Angus Buchan is doing.

Angus Buchan changes his “prophesy”

In November, at a meeting with prominent political leaders, he made the very brave statement that there would be no drought by March 2018. That is a very bold statement, one that probably “reveals” some divine source into the future. Now, 3 months later, he is singing a different tune. Now God is angry at the Western Cape and the people need to repent. This makes the divine promise of the first prophecy dependent on the action of the people. God’s dealings with His people is now not a sovereign action anymore, but one where God insists on people repenting first before He actually fulfils His promises. We are not told what the source of his readjustment is, but being “uncle Angus”, one would assume that he is claiming some sort of divine revelation – and this is probably the claim in both cases, which in and of itself contradicts each other.

Dishonoring the God of the Bible

The problem is not only that he makes these sweeping statements in the name of a god that is clearly different from the God of the Bible, but his statements are actually dishonoring the name of God Almighty. The God of Scriptures NEVER readjusted His promises, nor made them dependent on man’s actions! He was, is, and always will be faithful to His promises, bringing about what He said, and constantly surprises humanity by His sovereign actions. I am reminded of Paul that boldly writes that if we are unfaithful, God remains faithful (2 Timothy 2:13).

Think about God’s promise of salvation. Scriptures are clear that even while we were sinners, did Christ come to fulfill the promises of salvation and died on the cross (Romans 5). He did not readjust before being crucified to demand repentance before He could die. No, on the contrary, the faithful and sovereign actions of the Triune God paved the way for us to receive what He promised,. He did not demand action from us before He could make it possible. This is so different from the god that Angus is proclaiming.

Furthermore, Angus Buchan does not acknowledge that the Bible clearly testifies that God sustains HIS creation by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:1-2), and not through manipulating man into repentance to receive rain. Angus also does not tell us that the whole of creation groans because of the sinfulness that marred everything – and this includes drought (Romans 8).

Contrary to this, the Bible clearly teaches restoration is through God’s gracious act towards man and the rest of His creation. God did not abandon creation just to play with at as with a puppet. On the contrary, He sustains it, He cares for the works of His hands!

False teachers and a low view of God

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a false teacher is a very low view of God. This goes hand in hand with a very low esteem of God’s Word. Combine this with a conceited view of himself, the false teacher has no problem “proclaiming” lies and attributing them to the God of truth and then claiming that God told him so. I have no doubt that this description fits “uncle Angus”. He speaks not for the God of the Bible, nor is he proclaiming the truth of God’s Word. He has created his own god who is not gracious, but demands before he fulfills. I for one will not put my trust in what uncle Angus Buchan says. I will rather side with the prophets of the Bible, and ultimately trust in the God of the Bible, who never changes nor readjusts!


  1. ck


    Hi, in Jeremiah 25 and 26 (26:4-6), God DOES demand before fulfilling, I’d say…

    • William King


      Thanks ck for your comment. You are right that God demands in the mentioned verses. The demand is a call to obedience, which, if disobeyed, would result in destruction. This is the same as Moses telling the nation in Deuteronomy 28 if they obey God’s commands they will be blessed, but if not they will be cursed. Jeremiah is not strictly prophesying in these verses. He is stating the obvious. Come to think of it, God did the same to Adam in the garden in Genesis 2:16-17.

      What Angus does is to say what is going to happen (prophetic attempt). This is not happening as he said, and then he blames it on the sins of the people.

      What this article states is this is not the way God works. He warns and stipulates the consequences of obedience vs disobedience. This is not prophetic, but a call to godly and holy living. But when He prophesies through His servants in the Bible, He never readjusts or retracts. This would make Him unreliable and weak, emotionally unstable and not worthy to be believed and trusted. I would not dare follow a god like this.

  2. Clint Mey


    Visit Shalom and you will see how the a Holy Spirit will convict you , rather than hide behind a website slating an anointed man of God , you need to pray over spiritual jealousy. Take care

    • William King


      Hi Clint, thanks for your comment. I agree that we need to be careful for and pray that we do not give ourselves over to spiritual jealousy. However, if you read my article closely, you will see that I am trying to point out that Angus is teaching and modeling non-biblical teachings and that shows in his inconsistency in so-called prophetic messages. Jealousy about this would certainly be foolish to say the least.

  3. Walt


    William Clint.

    Why do you hate God…..why do you blame God for your sins?
    What you are doing is a sin.

    Repent and do not live up to 2 Joh 1 vs 7

    God bless

    • William King


      Hi Walt, strong statements there. I would say you will have to show me from Scripture where in this article I hate God and attribute sin to Him. If not, then I cannot take this comment to be serious. Scripture is our norm and not experience or emotions.


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